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The call for a more sustainable world is becoming louder and louder, as emissions still get higher and higher. Transportation is one of the causes of the global emissions. Though, we are seeing a shift happening towards more green sources of power.  This project focuses on a radical world view one transportation in 2050.
Create a fictional product or service for ‘mobility’ or a public transportation network in case the Municipality decides to ban all modes of de-centrally controlled transportation grids.
Alternative*: Create value for a ‘mobility’ or a public transportation network in case the Municipality decides to ban all modes of de-centrally controlled transportation grids.
* To accommodate autonomous students
Theme: Virtual & transport: How will our need for travel change if AR and VR technology can take us anywhere in 2050
First draft
Location: Rotterdam/The Hague airport
Will VR be sufficient enough to replace recreational flights?
Planes are one of the only ways of transporting, which can't be done sustainably. Cars, buses and trains cam be electric. Boats can be driven by the wind. But planes...
Nowadays the radical future of virtual reality are becoming less and less radical. In 2050 a VR headset might be on the same level of normality as phones are now. So what can we use this technology in creating a more sustainable world? 
VR VACATIONS: If anything can be experienced using VR, does that mean we can replace certain "real" experiences for this one? Going back to the planes: can we use VR to recreate a f.e. vacation experience, so people don't fly all over the world. If this technology can be so profound, why bother stepping on a plane? Personally, if the more sustainable solution was there, I would rather use VR instead of flying. Disclaimer: We don't now what the environmental impact of this technology is in creating such profound experiences. 
Will VR be able to replace some travelling?
The preconceptions of travelling are that it is only valuable if you really go there. We are questioning this preconception. 
PRODUCT: Every citizen (almost), like a phone, will possess a watch. On this watch you can download a diversity of worlds, in an online store. When this person has a VR headset, he can step into his preferred world. 
SERVICE: Can we use VR instead of planes? As planes are the  transportation, which can't be sustainable (for now).  Our service would be the current airport creating space for these VR vacations to happen.
FILM: Bodgan, with actors Brechje, Renée, Birte & Parelmoer (filming will take place next week in the green screen room)
PRODUCT / SERVICE: Renée & Birte worlds


What will the world in terms of VR look like in 2050?
VR is going to be a big part of our lifes in 2050. The technology will get better and better, so by that time we will have immersive experiences. We can visit our family while sitting in our own living room, go on a vacation or even go to another planet. There will be a big market for VR. Big experience rooms, various kinds of VR goggles and a lot of add-on gadgets to make the experience even more realistic. VR will get cheaper, because of the large amount on the market. It will get easier to use, so even the grandparents can experience a virtual reality


Birte,  Renée

Rotterdam pack
Disney pack
VR even gives the opportunity to travel outside the existing world. We present the `Disney pack`. Let´s do a game: I will show pictures and you have to guess from which Disney film the environment is. Two pictures per film.
Other possible packs
- EU pack
- USA pack
- AFRICA pack
- Mars


Making connections with big companies that would be interested in Skeye
          - Disney
          -  Google
          -  Nasa
          -  Shell
Making a charity to insure everybody can have access
Reasons how Skeye can assist Rotterdam
           - Education
           - Online tourism
           - Entertainment
           - Accessibility for the non-accessible.


virtual reality
first use of virtual reality fundraising by amnesty international UK 
virtual reality used in healthcare
virtual reality car driving

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