Music: Brain by FIEH

I put two strangers in front of each other who are both dancers. I gave them the assignment to communicate with each other through dance on the music I played. In this project I combined the science aspect with art. What does music do to people? How does your body react to music? How do you translate this into dance and how do strangers communicate with dance? I documented it into a short film. 
Ideally, it would present this film in a large dark space on one large wall, while the animations play on the other walls at the same time. The music would be played on high quality speakers.


For a long time this was my favorite song: "Brain", by a Norwegian band called "FIEH". Even though I never did dance in my entire life, I could not not dance while this music was in my ears. My parents being in a band my entire life made me very appreciative of music. And I always wondered how bodies react to music, why, how, and why different bodies dance similarly to the same music. Is this because we learned this, culture-wise, or because of a natural reaction of our bodies. With "real" dancers I wanted to experiment how their body reacted to this music. 
So, I convinced two friends from different areas of my life to participate in this project. After a short talk I told them to communicate with each other through dance. We used the project spaces of the Rietveld Academy and the hallways to film.
Coot Brouwer and Naomi Bleekemolen

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