audiovisual medium - leporello - type of printed matter
long small line of photopaper
I made a leporello to visualize a growth process, being a young adult. To visualize this I put stills of water falling into a barrel of water. I have to say, the leporello loses his power digitally. Non-digitally I put four versions of this leporello on the wall. Like four persons growing, non-linear. Everybody goed through changes, everybody is constantly growing, but at different speeds, at different times.  
I left this work open for interpretation, like most of my work, and some people thought the pictures were of embryos. 
Down here, you can see the leporello in blue, and get a better feel of what is it like non-digitally.
I started this process with "diary". In this project I observed a friend of mine who went through hard times the past year, and her growing as a person and finding her way in life. I combined the audio in "diary" with these leporello's to experiment with mixing media. The growth process she talks about in the audio reinforced the drop of water expanding. I had also never made a leporello before and I wanted to. Experimenting with different forms of displaying visual work. 
Different audiovisual designs.

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