verstrengeling = entanglement

music: Blacked out by Yussef Kamal

As humans we can all relate how your thoughts can take control. How entangled you can get in your mind. Maybe especially as artists. "Entanglement" is about something that is so human, but so not spoken about. It's about the mess in our heads. Mental health. It's about personal growth. It's about letting go of what no longer serves you, taking matters into your own hands. And your mind as biggest enemy ànd strength. Take from it what you feel and don't let this explanation determine your experience.
ideal presentation
In a large open space the film "entanglement" would be playing with the music on high quality speakers. In the space the two prints would hang in a large format on the walls. They would hang on opposite walls from each other.
As kids we had a lovely book to establish relationships: a friendship book. How do we establish a friendship as adults? Is there a change in values in the friendship? What are the differences between an adult- or child-friendship? What is important? How do you become friends as adults? Is there just "chemistry" or are there other factors that play a roll?
In this booklet I asked some friends to answer the questions that I think are important in adult relationships.
chapter 4: entanglement - the film
see film above
how the "friendship film" became "entanglement"
I began brainstorming on how to visualise the arising of friendships. On idea popped up in my mind to portray the life paths of people crossing. I would do this by instructing two dancers to dance with yarn en these threads would entangle as they danced. So I asked two dancers if they could meet, but only one of them could make it. I brought yarn and asked her to dance with the yarn as it would entangle more and more - like life paths crossing. The story on how we became friends was pretty special: we met each other in the therapy space. From there on, we understood each others struggles en grew closer. After shooting the clips we felt this understanding even more and knew the subject friendships evolved to our similar mental struggles and how we are growing to untangle the knots. We agreed we had visualised the mess in our heads and not the arising of friendships.
entanglement - taking over control - the process
In "entanglement", the film, the dancers' identity stays intact. She masters the thread and manages to not really get entangled, but control it. The next step I took in my process is to take the control away. To shift from performance to reality. I am the director in part two of entanglement. So...I tied the dancer to a bridge. Entangling her for real. Without control. Her identity doesn't fade away, because of her posture. But she isn't able to dance. In the short film I gave her the assignment to free herself from the thread. She manages eventually and we leave the thread on the bridge. Memories.
chapter 6: zine about the process
let go of what no longer serves you
take matters into your own hands
own your thoughts

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