jan '20
materials - plaster
medium - film
So, I couldn't quite wrap my head around my first experience. I wanted to do it again, but prepared. I asked my friend Rover to join me. The concept was just to do an investigation about senses. In a way, I wanted to confirm that my first experience really took place with trying it for the second time and having another participant. I learnt that your starting point is never your final work. My final work of pt_2 feel is called "dissociation". I want the viewer to take on the journey we took. The soundless middle part is to really focus on what we experience. The music is playing in the background, but that wasn't the important part in this investigation. 
I documented the process in "dissociation", which is also my final work of pt_2 feel.
  Together we created a playlist of songs we felt something with. Timer set, phone on, we started to cover each other with plaster. This on its own was already intimate. I had an expectation, namely that my body would focus on my hearing sense again. I explained my first experience and my expectations to Rover, which made him expect the same thing (afterwards, I regret this, it would be cool to be free from expectations) . However, the both of us found the music enjoyable, but we didn't feel it intensely. Here comes the thing: feeling. The surroundings, each others hands, the wall, our plaster-covered faces. Our body focussed on feeling.
Afterwards Rover and I talked about our experience and funny enough, although being insecure to say the other, we both felt our feeling sense intensely. The audio is in Dutch.
I wish to continue the process, the senses investigation, and see what happens.

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